About Us

Nicole Swimwear is a collection of bathing suits that is uniquely designed by young Miami designer and artist Nicole Cerra. At only sixteen years old, her vision of designing swimwear styles that were both comfortable and stylish, combined with her artwork printed on top quality fabric, came to life when she launched her online store in March of 2016. While inspired by the beautiful tropical surroundings in Miami, Florida, she hand painted each of her pieces using several art mediums. This artwork was then printed on Italian fabric from Carvico that is certified by Lycra XtraLife® to ensure a look that hugs the body’s curves with a soft comfortable fabric that is durable and long-lasting. Nicole’s swimsuit designs are both seamless and reversible. Each piece fits like a second skin and can be worn on the reverse solid color creating two looks in one suit. This Miami native's quest to continue producing swimwear that combines her love of fashion with her artistic nature has helped make Nicole Swimwear a unique brand name.

A Message from the Designer:
Hello NS Beach Babes,
Welcome to my 90% of my life.
For me, the fun starts with the canvas. I paint, color, and sketch the thoughts in my head. Then my artwork is printed onto fabric. But not just any fabric... It’s top-notch fabric that you’ll love! It’s soft, yet resilient to pool chlorine, sun, and salt life. Then, I design styles that are flattering yet comfortable. The final approvals then go into production and finally my vision comes to life! 
Nicole Swimwear has been a long and passionate project of mine. It all started during my sophomore year of high school when I designed my first bikini. My love for art and fashion, combined with the beautiful tropical paradise of Miami that I’ve been lucky to call home, is the inspiration that created Nicole Swimwear.
Believe me, this company wasn't something created in one day. It began with a simple power point presentation that I made in order to convince my parents that I was serious and committed. Followed by a lot of hard work and dedication where I spent days, weeks, months, in fact a whole year working on my ideas. Each piece is an artwork that I created in my bedroom on my messy desk. Using acrylic paints, markers, watercolors and pastels, each creation turns into a finished product. And this finished product is my very own, one of a kind, Nicole Swimwear bathing suit.
With the help and support of my parents and friends, I am proud and excited to bring my passions to life and share my Nicole Swimwear bathing suits with you.
                                                         All the Love,